Abstract submission are closed

Guidelines for abstracts

The abstract must be written in English. Non-native speakers are encouraged to have their texts proofread before submission.
The body of the abstract must be written in a single paragraph and have a maximum of 250 words. The body of the text must not contain figures, photos and tables.

Carefully fill out the requested information during the on-line submission process. Names, affiliations, e-mails etc. will not be proofread by the SEFS11 Scientific committee so make sure these information are correct as they will be quoted as submitted in SEFS11 documents.

  • ¬†Abstracts may be submitted as oral or poster presentation. Please note that the Scientific committee reserves the right to suggest changes from oral to poster and vice versa.
  • One registered participant may submit and present no more than two contributions.

Terms and conditions

  • Only registered participants may submit abstracts. The abstracts will not be published until your registration and full payment have been received.
  • The presenting author is required to ensure that all co-authors are aware of the content of the abstract before submission. By submitting an abstract, the submitting author attests that the abstract submitted has been approved by all coauthors, and that it not been previously published elsewhere, and transfers, assigns, or otherwise conveys all copyright ownership for publication to SEFS11 organizers.
  • Although the submission of an abstract is independent from registration for the SEFS11, the abstract will be accepted only after the presenting author has completed the registration. The oral/poster presentation format/guidelines will be available on the SEFS11 website.
  • Presenters will be informed of the outcome of their submission by April 1, 2019, acceptance as oral presentation or poster will be sent exclusively to the e-mail address of the author responsible for the presentation.
  • If you want to withdraw an abstract, please contact the OC via e-mail: infosefs11@biol.pmf.hr


Dates and deadlines

Abstract submission are closed